We Believe in the Magic of Beauty.

Background: Details of Tritone Printed 120 Lines/Screen

The Truth Lies in Meticulous Work.

Guiding the Artists.

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By Our Own Roots.

In Magic Books.

“I may not come from a cultured background, and I don’t have a deep knowledge of the history of art or architecture, but I have a strong sense inside telling me, ‘Yes, this is beautiful. Yes, this has depth. Yes, this is fascinating.’ And it’s just as easy for me to understand what is fake, contrived, artificial or, even worse, ugly. I believe living in Italy has helped us with this sense, as we have been surrounded by beauty since we were just one year old: shapes, colors, sound, light—they form us.”
Massimo Tonolli

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How we prepare our files for printing is essential. At Trifolio, we don’t manipulate the images to make them more beautiful to the eye. Our intention is to render them as close to reality as possible. This is the difficult part.

We want you to feel the same emotions looking at the printed sheet when standing in front of the actual painting, sculpture, or photograph. We respect the artist and their work, and we do not want to misrepresent their work. The goal of our craft is always to respect the art.

The Georgia O’Keeffe Foundation 1994–2000, Design by Eleanor Caponigro

“When I begin a project with an artist—whether a painter or guitarist, a poet or pianist—I like to start by saying, ‘Let’s start with optimal and work backwards from there.’ The beauty of working with Trifolio is that we get to start with optimal and continue forward. We work together from instinct and inspiration, towards alchemy. We reach for, and achieve, a kind of factual magic.”
David Breskin
Creator of Richter 858 and Dirty Baby

The Lines – Edward Ranney Photographer, Yale University Press

Massimo Tonolli, Nadia Bottacini, and Alberto Adami launch Trifolio.

is a high-performance offset printing process that can reproduce up to 520,000 tones in four-color printing (40 percent more than the requirements of the ISO standard). Conceived by Trifolio to produce books of superior quality, it is an “open” process, continually and rapidly evolving.

It unites skillfully the intuition and knowledge of its developers with advances in technology. AreaW4 is a workshop of innovative ideas, an advanced research department, and a results-oriented production facility. Trifolio guarantees its clients a print quality that stands out within the panorama of art publishing.

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The Promise of the Future.

“Having worked together as employees in the past, my partner Massimo and I are able to share our experience with our young team. We remember how important it is to remain united, what it means to row in the same direction, to use every opportunity to bond with our group.

The real inspiration behind Trifolio is our own motivation. Working on prestigious books, meeting stimulating people, having the possibility to do something different every day; I believe this is the secret. Our next challenge is betting on our youth, but we are sure we will succeed.
Nadia Bottacini

The Trifolio Team, Photograph by Penny Wolin